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cutoms - monetary gift 2010/6/24 18:51
i'm residing outside japan and would like to send a gift to a japanese resideing in japan, a gift to congratulate him on his new home.

could someone pls tell me if it is ok to give monetary gift? is JPY20,000 enough?

by june (guest)  

Just a thought 2010/6/25 10:54

We are a Japanese family who have purchased housing 3 times in Japan, and I've never heard of anyone sending monetary gifts to congratulate on a person's new home. If you are invited to his new house, you can bring along a special gift. The gift can be anything, but typically things for the house are sent. Something worth 1000 yen to 5000 yen is probably the average. Either way, JPY20,000 worth a gift sounds like a big burden for the receiver. If you aren't invited to the house, a gift may sound like you are requesting to be invited, which might be a bit pushy.
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New home? 2010/6/25 10:59
I'm not Japanese, but I don't think it is a normal custom to send cash when someone moves into a new house. A card would be sufficient, or maybe a small gift that they can use in their new home.
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. 2010/6/25 11:13
As mentioned I have never heard of any custom of giving money for someone moving into a new house. Maybe another house warming gift would be more appropriate.

Also as a general rule, in Japan you shouldn't give monetary gifts that are "even" in number. This is why weddings people give 30,000 yen or some other odd number.
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