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Scented Candle 2010/6/25 10:06

I will be a university exchange student this fall and I will be living with a Japanese host family. I've been thinking about what gifts to get for my family, and I'm wondering whether or not scented candles are popular and widely used in Japan? Especially around urban cities like Tokyo?

- Thank you
by hanatoyume (guest)  

candles 2010/6/25 17:22
They are commonly available and popular. There are all kinds of scented candles at shops here. Maybe something specific to the area you are from would be better? Food always goes down well as a gift here- candy, cookies, jams etc.
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Arigatou! 2010/6/27 12:18
Thank you!

I'm already bringing a lot of different types of candies and chocolates, in which one is made in Colorado where I live. Other than your typical souvenir stuffs, I was thinking of other things that would make it more unique since my host family would have at least, have one international student stayed with them already.
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