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Japan and Dreadlocks 2010/6/26 22:05
I will travel to Japan this summer and this will be my first time there. Ifm going for a five-week journey and this will be a great time hopefully. At the moment Ifm searching for some ideas about the trip ( where to go, hostels etc.) and everything is working fine.
But I have a little question:

Would it be a problem to travel through Japan with Dreadlocks? (classic gJamaican style). I will also spend some days in little cities because I am very interested in Japanese culture and everyday life. Can you imagine any problems for example while visiting shrines or even restaurants?

Ifm looking forward to hear from you. Thanks a lot

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. 2010/6/28 10:04
Can you tell me a little bit about you?

Well I've seen many Japanese and black people there with dreads.

(Regular people won't notice or really pay attention to them unless you're wearing the hairstyle your self, and then you're like "yay somebody like me")

Some have "cultivated" (as in roots clean-cut and tightened) locks and some not (as in letting them free form.)

I'm a black girl, I have dreads myself, and sometimes I don't tighten the roots up for months at a time. But everybody likes my hair and was like "kawaii" and wanted to touch them. And they wanted to know if it was my real hair too.

No problems in the dating department either...

So I doubt you should have any problems, as long as you don't look/dress like a hobo/homeless person. Then people would avoid you-dreads or not.
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thanks 2010/6/28 17:55
Thanks a lot

Well they are more in gletting them freeh shape. But I think they are ok. Great to hear that there probably wouldnft be a problem. All in all dressing-stuff isnft a problem.


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You will be OK 2010/7/2 11:24
Don't worry about it.
Have been going to Japan since 97 and they aren't shocked by dreads at all.
Japanese people have a huge dancehall reggae movement and two different Reggae festivals. One is called Japan Sun Splash and the other one is out is Yokohama. I've seen dancehall concerts from Tokyo to Osaka. So you will be just fine. I saw Lee Scratch Perry in Harajuku in a store once and he was dressed like a freak!
He had on a gold spray painted construction hat with toys glued to it and sliver combat boots. Nobody looked at him twice. So you will be fine.
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Niceness 2010/7/6 23:12
Sounds so nice!
I would be glad to see Lee Scratch Perry in Japan!

Looking forward to visting Japan.

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