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Where can I find a thimble in Tokyo 2010/6/28 08:01
oha yo
I want to know where can I find a thimble in Tokyo : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thimble
I tried in Tokyu Hands and Oriental Bazar but impossible to find it !
it is for a friend, so a Japanese looking thimble is best but others are nice to

thank you very much
by Quy  

Not considered "collectible" in Japan 2010/6/28 11:30
For collection, or for practical use for sewing? Actually thimbles in the western style (bell-shaped, often collectible ones) are not really available in Japan. The "practical" thimbles in Japan look like the second one from the right in this photo:
...made of leather or cloth material.

You should ask for "yubinuki" at Tokyu Hands (they should have this style), or other sewing/cloth supplies stores such as Yuzawaya.
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a 2010/6/28 17:59
thank you for the answer, it is for collection. I will also try in Tokyu Hands as you wrote :)
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... 2010/6/28 18:50
For collections, as you can see, it's mostly imported ones that are "collected" in Japan; in the first place, the concept of thimbles as collectibles is a foreign concept :)

There are a limited number of shops that sell Japanese ceramic ones, but I don't think those would be readily available in shops in Tokyo (for example this one is online shop only, sold directly from the ceramic workshop in Arita):
Another one in Kyoto:
Another online store (located in Nagoya):
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