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Sento Bucket? 2010/6/29 17:02
Is there anything you're supposed to do with the bucket in a sento other than sit on it? ...o yea (lol!) what's the best way to use the shower head on your back, neck, and underarms while only spraying those body parts?
by Lamp23  

bucket and shower 2010/6/29 20:53
if you mean that warped plastic thing with the ominous looking hole in the top, yeah, you just sit on it. I usually just mimick the other bathers, sometimes I see people take a bucket filled with water and use it to clean off the bucket youll sit on, but this probably just a sanitary precaution rather than a custom.
Not sure what you mean about the shower head. Just use it like you would normally, except you might be sitting down...
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Thanks! 2010/6/30 03:09
Thanks jmarkley! I guess I should just practice at home then lol/turn it off when I move my hand to hard o reach areas?
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Stool, basin and scoop 2010/6/30 12:16
In sento, there are typically three plastic objects. A stool to sit on (this has a hole in the middle), a basin (is bowl-shaped and has no hole in the middle) and a scoop (has a handle).

Needless to say, you sit on the stool. The scoop can be used to scoop water from the bath tub. As for the basin, in days when no showers existed, people used to pour warm water from the faucet into the basin. Today, the basin is still useful on saving water. Rather than to keep the shower running, you can keep water in the basin, maybe wash your towel in it if you need to, then pour the water on your body.
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Thanks! 2010/6/30 15:10
Thanks for the clarification, Uco!!!
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