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Where can i buy gatsby in tokyo ? 2010/6/30 19:28
Hi, I am in Tokyo for a few days.
I want to buy gatsby in Tokyo but i don't know where.
I made a lot of research and I didn't find. It's a japanese product and I only find online shop and in America...
by footdo (guest)  

gatsby 2010/7/1 09:33
all convenience store,supermarket,drugstore.....
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KK 2010/7/2 00:16
i agree with KK... its more like where CANT you buy gatsby that you should be asking.

its everywhere.
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............... 2010/7/9 07:04
.............. Its literally everywhere. Anyways, there are a lot of other brands that can be used instead of gatsby, and some feel even better too. Try a new brand, it might be better. You can find gatsby anywhere in america too, so I suggest buying something you can't find in America.
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