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Wearing a Yukata at Jidai Festival? 2010/7/2 03:01
I was wondering, would it be appropriate to wear a yukata to the Jidai Festival in Kyoto? I love kimono, and want to buy one, but I may only be able to afford a yukata. Is it weird to wear one in the fall? Also, I don't want to stand out if I wear one (like just walking around on the street), so I thought wearing one at a festival would be a good idea. I can blend in more easily, since more people will be wearing traditional outfits. Is that Ok?
Also, I'm a 17 year old girl.

by Candula  

Yukata 2010/7/2 10:23

The Jidai Matsuri is in October, so it would be rather cold and out of season to be wearing a yukata. In short, yes, it would look pretty weird, and you would not "blend in" at all. Still, there is a high chance you could get picked out by the NHK TV news cameras which invariably zoom in on the "weird" foreigners at Japanese festivals.
by Dave in Saitama (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2010/7/2 12:28
I agree with Dave that it's not a good idea. The Jidai Matsuri isn't the type of festival where everyone joins in the action. It's more like a big parade, with people lining the streets to watch it go by. The only people I saw wearing traditional dress were the people in the parade.
by Walkingfool (guest) rate this post as useful

ans 2010/7/2 13:08
I think you shouldn't take it at that time. It's not suitable!
by jay102 rate this post as useful

out of season 2010/7/2 13:24
I agree- I have been to the Jidai Matsuri, and I'm fairly sure no-one was wearing a yukata- it would be pretty odd to see one that late in the year. The Gion Matsuri is a completely different story, plenty of yukata there!
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

Thanks for such quick answers! 2010/7/2 15:14
Thanks so much for letting me know. Yah, that's exactly what I don't want- to stand out. Of course I will since I'm American, but I don't want to do anything extra. Thanks again!

by Candula rate this post as useful

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