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Does anyone know uncommon names? 2010/7/7 04:19
I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of some uncommon japanese girl given names/ meanings.. or maybe a link to a website. I've tried searching for them online but not too much luck. Thanks in advanced!
by Amelia (guest)  

uncommon? 2010/7/7 22:40

How are we suppose to give you "uncommon" names when they're uncommon? Would you like to try picking some out from your favorite Japanese manga, anime or novels and post it here to see if it's not too odd?
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Dearest Uco, 2010/7/8 02:23
I was hoping someone would answer my question with their knowledge of names and kanji I might not be able to search for through the internet.

I guess this was asking too much.

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion.
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??? 2010/7/8 03:50
Sorry, but I don't really understand what you need and why. But if you google search "O", you'll get loads of results. I found these sites (includes boys names, too, though). Are these type of sites you are looking for?


Some names are foreign names/words and don't have a meaning. Characters used are more for pronunciation purpose.
Some could have a meaning and it can be guessed by looking at Chinese characters used.
The above sites don't tell you what each name means.

Yes, it might be easier, if you pick some names and post here, unless someone knows a perfect site for your purpose.

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I am sorry 2010/7/8 09:10

I was just trying to ask for feedback so that we could help you, but I am sorry if I didn't get through to you. I hope Kd has given an answer to your needs.
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unusual? 2010/7/16 02:37

With Japanese being what it is - fact that you can read kanji and read it anyway you want when it comes to names - you can pretty much create any name you want which make request for unusual names kind of moot.

For example, I can write a name sakura with any kanji and I can write it with 1, 2, or 3 kanjis and tell folks that it's read as sakura.

So without knowing more about what you want to do, it's difficult to answer your request.
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