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Foreign girl wearing yukata 2010/7/8 10:37
I want to go to japan next summer during june for a firefly festival. And I wanted to wear a yukata. But I was wondering how do japanese peoplereact to foreiners wearing a yukata. I'm a mixed girl mixed with african american/ irish american but I look puerto rican. Lol I know. I look good in pink so I'm trying to get a pink and white yukata.
by Arishia (guest)  

it's no problem but 2010/7/8 11:07
Most Japanese people are not bothered by foreigners wearing yukata, but in my experience some like it a little too much- when I wore yukata to a festival last year I was stopped by many people who wanted to take my picture and it was really annoying and made me feel like an exhibit when I was wearing yukata to try to fit in with my Japanese friends in the first place!
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Go ahead and wear it ;-) 2010/7/8 15:39
It's no problem at all to wear a yukata- most Japanese people are actually pleased and surprised that foreigners want to wear a yukata, and it's actually become a lot more common in the last few years. These days it's not at all unusual to see at Tokyo festivals and fireworks displays at least, and I wore one myself to the Koenji Awa-Odori festival last year.
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Yukata 2010/7/8 15:56

As others have already commented, there's nothing particularly odd about a non-Japanese wearing a yukata - provided it is at an event when other people are wearing yukata. Are you sure people wear yukata to a firefly festival in June? It just seems a bit early in the season to me.
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festival 2010/7/9 10:13
thank you it's encouraged me to wear one.

but that is a good question and I was wondering the same thing.

does anybody know if people wear yukata to a firefly festival?
during the festival the elementary kids from Arima elementary let loose fireflys by the Arima River.
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Ideal Occasion 2010/7/9 21:30

Summer wear including yukata is supposed to be worn during June to August, so no problem. Firefly festivals are ideal for wearing yukata. There are even yukata fabrics of fireflies!

African or Latin, I'm sure you'll look great in yukata. Have fun!
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