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Too old for pretty yukata? 2010/7/8 14:25
I lived in Japan when I was 18-19 and received a yukata as a gift. I am 25 now and will be returning to work in Japan later this year. I was wondering if I am too old to wear yukata now? Or at least, a certain style? The one I have is dark blue with pink petals and dark yellow obi/bow. I may find a time to wear it in the summer but I don't want to look like a moron if I'm too old for that look. Thanks.
by Claudette (guest)  

Go ahead and wear it! 2010/7/9 14:11
No no no, you are nothing like too old at 25. I wore a yukata to a festival last year at age 34, which is probably pushing it age-wise, but 25 is still well within the average age to be wearing a yukata, they are not just for teenagers! The design you describe sounds pretty standard, there are far more cutesey yukata around than that, but you aren't too old for those either!
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I agree 2010/7/9 14:59
To me 25 sounds pretty young too lol I see no problem (at least from the description) with dark blue - probably indigo kind of blue, right? - with pink petals. Dark yellow for obi sounds fine to me as well, though of course I cannot see the actual colors.

If ever, you could get a different obi and "sandals" in a set (they often come in matching colors) if you want to add something new to what you have, when you come to Japan :)
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Thank you 2010/7/9 16:54
Yes, it is indigo. I know it's quite standard coloring for yukata. Thank you for your replies. :)
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... 2010/7/9 18:03
It has never dawned on me that yukata wearing is associated with age. (Ah... not that I am too young to consider that). But when Sira mentioned that at age 34 she may be 'pushing it', does it mean that it really is not for the not too young? I've only known that certain styles or patterns/colour of Kimono is related with age or status, eg married or single but did not realise that yukatas may have a certain ettiquette to it too.

Sira, can share more here about the untold customs to wearing the yukata? I for one can't wear the furisode and I love that!
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yukata more for young women 2010/7/9 19:20
As far as I know, the kind of yukata we have been discussing are thought of as something that young women wear to festivals in summer, and at 34 I am probably no longer a "young woman"! I have sometimes seen women into their early 40s wearing yukata but it's pretty unusual.
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Age, yukata and design 2010/7/9 21:07
Ah, excuse me, but there is NO age-limit to wearing yukata! I'm sure everyone has been to a bon-odori and the ladies in yukata leading the dance circle are usually no younger than their 70s!

But as the OP suggested, some fabric designs and obi ties would look too young for certain ages (or sometimes too old-looking if you're a teenager or younger), but at 25 you can wear anything!
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. 2010/7/12 01:53
That's what I thought too - about the many older women who go to the festivals. I have not travelled to Japan in summer but if I ever do, it's to catch the festivals. And what would a festival be without the yukatas.
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yukata 2010/7/12 08:07
Ah, ok, I wasn't thinking of Bon-Odori as much as festivals like Tanabata or Awa-Odori, and fireworks displays. I don't remember seeing a lot of older women in yukata at those. At Bon-Odori though, yes, of course.
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wear it 2010/7/24 19:22
everyone from toddlers to great grandmas wear them at festivals and any other good excuse here in nara
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