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My clothing size in Japan 2010/7/9 12:44
Hi all. I just had a quick question. I was wondering what my average clothing size would be in Japanese sizes. I know the exact measurements will differ from store to store, but I wanted to know what to generally expect to look for when I take my first trip to Japan.
I'm 157cm tall, weigh 52.7kg (I'm on a diet) and my measurements are: bust-86.4cm, waist-68.6cm, hips-83.8cm. I ask because I've browsed numerous Japanese clothing websites, and the sizing both intimates and confuses me.
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... 2010/7/9 14:46
Your measurements sound like the real average Japanese women's sizes - which would be called 9 or 11.

9 is: 83 - 64 - 91
11 is: 86 - 67 - 93

Of course, different companies produce different styles in slightly different sizing, but you'll find clothing that will fit you :)
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