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Girugamesh's reputation? 2010/7/9 20:13
Ok this has been bugging me for a while. I love the band Girugamesh. However, I've noticed that when I mention them to Japanese people I get a weird reaction. Kinda like "...oh..."; it's like they're uncomfortable talking about them. Even in Japan itself they act this way, as I noticed when I went to Tokyo.
Does Girugamesh have some sort of bad reputation in Japan? Perhaps something they keep quiet from their foreign fans?
by Henko (guest)  

sakuracon 2010/7/12 01:51
ever since america had that sakuracon event and the television add, garugamesh reputation has suffered bad in western countries. look on youtube for all the "girugamesh kid" videos.

basically people in japan saw those videos and never taken girugamesh seriously. thats not the whole reason, but just one of a few factors.
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link 2010/7/12 08:55
actually to save you some time searching, here is a link to the original commercial.


not the"girugamesh kid", well he was pretty much an easy target to make fun of, as you can see in the video.

then people started to make parodies of it such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP5lz2CYNR4

that is just one of a million parodies that will come up on youtube by searching "girugamesh"

hope those links help in your understanding of the situation.
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oops 2010/7/12 09:13
sorry i gave the wrong "parody link"

here is the correct one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnruT3OwG38
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my thoughts 2010/7/12 13:02
I'd never heard of those videos but as a vkei semi-fan who lives in Tokyo I'd guess the reaction is one of two things:

a) they have no idea who you're talking about but don't want to embarrass you/themselves by pointing it out. The band isn't particularly mainstream.

b) if they do know who it is, vkei in general doesn't have a good reputation or is just thought of as dumb, especially harder bands- a lot of people will assume you're antisocial or a cutter and a lot of vkei fans aren't open about their interest except with other fans. But the people you're talking to probably don't want to go into that, hence the "um" reactions.
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i see 2010/7/13 04:34
Actually, I had noticed these reactions before the Sakura Con Commercial came out. But they have gotten worse since it!
Actually, the reasons given in the post above ^^ make the most sense to me. I guess I hadn't considered that I might be dealing with a genre issue, not just based on one band
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well 2010/7/13 10:13
think of it this way also. lets compare some of those visual kei bands to marilyn manson..

if you were a normal everyday person who works each day, comes home, cleans the house, listens to popular music etc (as 90% of people in the world are, not just japan), would you be a bit freaked out if a forigner came up to you and started talking about marilyn manson ?
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