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Flea Market in Osaka 2010/7/14 17:17
Is there any flea market in Osaka? If there is, pls let me know the location, date and time of opening.

Thank you.
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Shitennoji temple 2010/7/15 11:49
A huge flea market is held on 21st (and 22nd) of every month in Shitennoji temple.
There are around 400 stalls. They sell antiques, toys, tools, foods, kimono and modern clothes. In short, they sell anything.


(about Shitennoji temple)

Other smaller flea markets are held in some places. But they are tiny, I suppose.
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. 2010/7/15 11:56
Hi jtom

Do you know if this bid flea market opens on 22nd? This first link indicated open on 21st. I will be touching down on 22nd early morning, so hopefully will be able to catch it.

Thank you!
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I guess , but 2010/7/15 12:23
In some English site they said it will be held on 21th day, but in every Japanese site they said it will be held on 22nd day too.
I visited the market two times. Unfortunately, both of those were 21st day. So, I'm not sure. Sorry.
But I guess it will be held on 22nd, too.

If you want to get exact information, I recommend inquire to "Osaka Visitors’ Information Center, Tennoji".
telephone: 6774-3077
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. 2010/7/15 12:26
jtom, I will do more search to see if there are info on opening on 22nd, thanks a lot for your help!
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