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Antibiotics, customs 2010/7/14 19:43
I was wondering if I will have any problems getting through customs if I have antibiotics with me or other medicine, such as Panadols and Advil?
by Marta (guest)  

really easy 2010/7/21 23:16
Just dont take them in your carry on.

But if your really worried ask a doctor to give you a prescription.

If for some reason they ask, show the customs your prescriptions and they will let you go. (but this always never happen)
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well..... 2010/7/22 06:37
Just dont take them in your carry on.

We always have our medication in our carry-on, in case its needed when on the plane, and in case luggage is delayed in arriving..can happen.

I have a letter from my doctor, listing all prescription and non-prescription medication I have with me, and have that in a clear plastic bag with medication: easy. This is also needed to get them BACK into Australia.

NOTE: anything with Codeine is banned to take into Japan
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medications 2010/7/22 08:06
Panadol is fine, they sell the American version Tylenol here. The antibiotics and Advil should also be fine- bring a prescription for the antibiotics if you can.

The issues are usually with codeine-containing items as fmj says, and sometimes with narcotics, anti-depressants etc.
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antibiotics 2010/7/22 10:34

Every time I travel overseas, I bring a small bag of " first aid kit " in my carry on ( antibiotics is always included ).I carried this kit every time I visited Japan, and never encountered any problem with customs.
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