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Are there any Disney Friend Groups? 2010/7/15 08:42
Does anyone know if there are any groups where people meet up and go to Disney resort together?

Or does anyone want to make a group? If you have an annual pass we could all meet up sometimes and go to Disney together.

by LauraEdinburgh  

Just ask somebody to go with you. 2010/7/22 01:43
I think the best way to find somebody to go to Any of the DisneyParks in Japan is to reply to a penpal add or make one yourself, stating I am looking for someone to go to a Disney park with. I will never forget how much it sucked to go to Disneyland Paris bymyself.
It was cool but amusement parks should be with somebody.
So just ask.
I think you will find somebody.
I went to DisneySea with a friend, and she had never been there and she has lived in Tokyo most of her life.
Good luck with your travels.
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