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Japanese family history 2010/7/15 23:16
My husband is Japanese and I am trying to research his family history. His grandparents came to the US sometime in the late '20s or early '30s (I think). I know his grandparents names and date/place of birth of his grandfather. How would I go about getting information from Japan? Is it difficult? Any information is helpful, thank you in advance.
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Contact City Hall 2010/7/16 12:28

Contact the city hall of the birthplaces. If the address is no longer available, contact the city office that is currently responsible for the same location. Tell them all you know, and they can do their best to search for the grandparents' "koseki (official record)" which usually has some kind of family information on it.
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;) 2010/7/18 00:31
thank you so much for the info!!
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