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Are Nikon lenses cheaper in Japan? 2010/7/18 05:14

I need a new lens for my Nikon SLR an I am going to Japan next month .
I am trying to find a cheap one in Europe but some people told me to wait until I am in Japan to buy one. I am not against second hand ones and for example, I found a second hand 18-105 VR for 200 euros (22,396 yen) in France. I was just wondering if there is any chance I can find the same model cheaper in Tokyo , Osaka or Kyoto?

Many thanks for your answers!
by Naiga (guest)  

Camera Lenses 2010/7/18 21:02
To be honest , it depends on your countries exchange rate with the Yen as to whether lenses are any cheaper

One of the best places to try is Yodobashi camera

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nikon lenses 2010/7/20 11:01
Yes, it depends on what your local price is and the current exchange rate, however the 18-105mm vr currently sells new for about 55000 yen retail or 45000-50000 yen at discounters, so you'd save about half by buying that used lens you were looking at. Also, Yodobashi sells at full retail price, so if you want to find discount retailers in Japan you should price check at kakaku.com.
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Nikon lenses 2010/8/10 18:25
check at the kakaku.com. although is in japanese language but is very useful which provide the latest price camera, lenses from time to time & also list out the previous prices & the outlet.
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. 2010/8/11 15:06
You might check the price at camera shops in Ameyoko under the JR tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi to see how much they can come down if you like to haggle.
Some shops there may carry gray market lens. The gray market items are imported back to Japan to undersell.
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yes 2010/8/12 08:43
i guarantee used lenses will be cheaper in japan than anywhere else in the world, just look around

probably the best shop is fujiya camera in nakano, tokyo.

the next best one is map camera in shinjuku but it's a gaijin trap with higher prices.

then there are various other shops around shinjuku like lucky camera which is not far from alta

or you can buy on yahoo auctions and possibly score a very good deal.

anyway used lenses here are basically cheaper than anywhere else in the world, lucky for you!
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Think Again 2010/8/21 00:38
I've just got back from Japan two days ago , and camera lenses are roughly double the price of those in the U.K. , mainly due to a very bad exchange rate .

I'm not sure what part of the world you all come from , so can only really speak for myself , but i do reckon you should probably check the prices in your own country first.
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crazy 2010/8/21 10:31
you must have been shopping at regular department stores.

the used lens market in japan is the cheapest in the world. i know. i've been all over the world shopping for lenses. i spend a lot of money on camera lenses.

new lenses are of course expensive and it is a ridiculous thought to buy them in department stores. they are significantly cheaper in akihabara electric town shops or online at places like kakaku.com
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