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What to do when the sunsets? 2010/7/18 19:23
Hey, I'm 18 and I would like something to do in Tokyo after the sun sets that is relatively safe. I'm alone, so karaoke and such are kind of pointless and I don't like bars - but I can't drink here anyway.

I'd also like to know a way to possibly make some Japanese friends. I only know chotto nihongo, so it makes conversation a little difficult.

Thanks in advance!
by RaikouNeko  

... 2010/7/19 18:58
find yourself some local language school and try to find some other people from different countries... they will speak english and even help you with japanese if you go out, they are more open to meeting new people since they are also looking to do something fun, just go to the school and ask them if they know something... this should be the best option since your japanese is just "chotto" as you mentioned... but tokyo is way to big of a city, you shouldnt have any problems finding people who are in the same position...
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... 2010/7/20 07:45
There's a thousand different things you can do:

-Take pottery, tea, flower or some other sort of lessons.
-Set up a language exchange.
-Join a gym.
-Participate in an activity club (sports, culture, art, etc)

All of these activities are safe, healthy ways to broaden your horizons, meet knew people, and simply enjoy yourself more.
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Youth Groups? 2010/7/20 11:24

You can try asking your local ward office for programs suitable for high teens. There are a lot of non-profit youth groups and they usually rely on ward offices for contact. If you don't have anything against Christianity, you can also check out your local church on Sundays. Churchs often have youth groups where you can make friends to meet on other days. Try YMCAs as well.
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