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Best walking shoe? 2010/7/19 13:27
This question is kind of mundane but I will ask it anyway. I absolutely hate walking from place to place, and Tokyo is full of walking. My feet are sore and I am always exhausted after a full day of walking around, standing during long train rides.

What sort of shoe do you use to combat all this tedious walking? I see crocs on the feet of a lot of fashionable girls. Are they REALLY that comfortable? Because the cheap flats I have been wearing have been killing me but I am not a fan of going everywhere in running shoes.
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... 2010/7/19 14:01

Completely flat soled shoes "look" comfortable, but actually can be quite tiring.
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Try Behavior Modification? 2010/7/19 19:51
I used to have terrible problems with my feet hurting when I was in Japan, especially Tokyo. It was sometimes so bad that I would cut planned activities out of my day because I couldn't stand to walk even one more block. Over the years, things have gotten much better. Different shoes have helped, but I think that two simple behavioral changes have helped a lot more.

First, I try to avoid climbing steps whenever if I can. I always take an escalator or elevator if I can find one. For some reason, walking up steps seems to put pressure on my feet in ways that cause extra pain, after a day of doing it. I think it's additive. Subway stone steps are the worst.

Second, I never run any more. There are many times when it is tempting to run just a little to catch a street crossing light or a train, but running even a little bit seems to hurt my feet later. Running up subway steps to make a train sitting on the platform is absolutely the worst.

You wouldn't think that these little things would make a difference, but after I started following these practices, I have noticed a huge improvement.

Another thing that I do is try to walk a LOT on sidewalks and streets during the few weeks prior to a trip to Japan. I think it maybe toughens up my feet a bit.

As for shoes, I've had very good luck with Merrells in terms of my feet not hurting. On the other hand, I am disgusted with how fast they wear out.

Whatever you do, don't be influenced by the shoe fashions that you see in Tokyo. Women in Japan wear amazingly uncomfortable looking shoes. It's the pointy-toed ones that I find hard to believe.
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... 2010/7/19 20:56
The first time I went to Japan I wore Converse and my feet were soooo sore. I should have know that this would happen as they are flat and offer no cushioning.

The second time I went I gave up and bought some Nike 'walking shoes' which are purple and grey so look slightly less like runners.

I brought some nice shoes with me for days I knew I wouldn't walk as much and to go out for dinner etc.

I think you should just wear runners! Try to get some that look less like running shoes. It is well worth not having sore feet.
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walking shoes 2010/7/20 10:39
soaringshrimp ,

I used to have the same problem with my feet hurting when travelling. I had tried many different walking shoes,some better than others,and the one I like best is earth shoes "energetic".

I have been wearing these shoes for years now when I am travelling, never experience sore feet any more. I can walk, and walk and walk all day, and my feet will still be ok to do more walking at night.
I highly recommend these shoes, you may want to check it out:



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