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Sushi on Water in Tokyo 2010/7/20 01:47
One member of my party saw a show about a conveyor belt sushi like place except the sushi was floated down on a little stream of water.

I've been doing searches but I have not gotten very far and I was wondering if anyone has seen a place like this in Tokyo.

I've been unofficially appointed scheduler and finder for the trip.
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some leads... 2010/7/23 12:32
Like this, right?

Unfortunately, the one in that video is located in Toronto.

I punched a bunch of keyword combinations into Google but had a very difficult time finding such Kaiten-sushi in Japan. Of course, Tokyo is such a massive city that you should be able to find it *somewhere,* but the best I was able to find online was in Saitama.

The store is: さんみ 回転 Sanmi Kaiten
Description: 水が流れているレーンに浮かぶ桶に寿司が水流システムはユニークで好評。 This store is popular for its unique system of sending sushi around on small "oke" in lanes of water. (An "oke" is like a little wooden or plastic bucket. So, they are not on boats.)

Address: 埼玉・さいたま市春日部梅田本町2−17−1
Telephone: 048−866−0632


I found another restaurant advertised with sushi on boats, but it is in Kagawa Prefecture:
http://hiroba.gnavi.co.jp/usr/han/trip/detailTrip/3662 (Japanese)


This restaurant in Kobe uses boats, but its ratings aren't very good.
http://alike.jp/restaurant/target_top/390468/ (Japanese)


It may not be worth going to Saitama (or somewhere else) just for this kind of restaurant, unless you find something else in the region you want to do.

But, I got some of my information from a ranking list of 100 popular or notable Kaiten-sushi restaurants. Many of the others on the list are in Tokyo, so maybe something else will appeal to you:
http://www.nihonkiko.amuch.net/tokyo/grume/sui_best100.html (Japanese)


Sorry for the many links in Japanese. Best of luck in your search.
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