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Can this be a surname? 2010/7/21 10:41
I was searching for some uncommon Japanese surnames when I came across this one: 春夏秋冬

Supposedly, it's read as Hitotose and it roughly translates to "one year" or "the four seasons." However, the characters in it are just kind of bizarre to me, like it isn't correct to put them all together like that. I was looking for rare names but this one doesn't seem like a name at all, honestly. I don't know enough about kanji and last names to figure this out for myself; all I know about it is that each character stands for a different season.

Could it be a valid surname, albeit an extremely strange one?
by Shan Lee (guest)  

Name 2010/7/21 11:26
Shan Lee,

According to Jim Breen's database, which is more comprehensive than most, it is a given name which can be read as Hitotoki or Hitotose. No mention of it as a family name, though.

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. 2010/7/21 17:17
春夏秋冬(ひととせ) is one of the "ghost" family names - it may be found in family names dictionaries but it does not really exist (i.e. there's no family with this).
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