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Pet Shops in Tokyo 2010/7/22 02:08
Hi all

I am a dog lover, I am interested all things related to dogs. I am going Japan in coming September. I will like to know where I can find cute puppies and many pet shop in Tokyo?

Please let me know the location and please direct me the transportation.

by Rocson  

At least one in the neighborhood 2010/7/23 01:43

Pet shops are everywhere. You can find at least one in your neighborhood.

But I hope you are not trying to buy one unless you intend to take care of it for the rest of its life.

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pet shops 2010/7/23 16:27
There are plenty of pet shops in Tokyo, but many of them are not very good even when compared to Western pet shops which aren't great- the animals stay in small cramped cages with no run area, they are sometimes dirty and the puppies and kittens are very stressed. There is very little regulation of pet shops in Japan and most real animal lovers stay far away. They aren't all awful, but many are.

I have been to a few dog cafes that are a bit better- the animals get to run around and get treats and interact with each other and people. That might be more fun for you.
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