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Parasols for cheap in Kumamoto 2010/7/23 04:20
My mum bought me a parasol a few months ago that I loved... but, like I always do, have no w lost it and tried to find an exact replica for it since, without any luck.

I know that in order to be able to find a parasol rather than a rain umbrella, I need to find a sticker with 'UV' written on it, but almost all the ones I've seen have been for about 1050Yen.

Of course, I'll pay that if it is the cheapest, I was wondering if it was possible to buy any for cheaper.
The only place that I can think of which might be cheaper is Claires' Accessories; which was where the original was from.

Also, are there any other ways of distinguishing a parasol form a rain umbrella as well as the 'UV' sticker: colour, pattern, size, shape, etc?

Many thanks - this is driving me mad and I'm suffering in Kumamoto
by selbydate16  

100 yen stores 2010/7/23 09:49

You can get parasols at 100 yen stores.
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Wow, thanks! 2010/7/23 19:38
But I don't know of any hyakuen stores in Kumamoto [I know that there has to be one, I just don't know where]
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Never mind... 2010/7/24 03:39
Apparently Daiso's a hyakuen store and I know where that is, so I'll check it out sometime next week when I get money [hopefully]
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Daiso 2010/7/24 11:29
There's a big Daiso 100 yen shop right outside the Kumamoto station, almost next to Mister Donuts. You can also enter it from the second floor of the station building.
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x3 2010/7/25 01:33
Love the name, Tom! I know there's one at the Kotsu Centre too, but I'll check out the one at Kumamoto Station anyway

Thanks for your help, all - it's been great
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... 2010/7/25 13:10
First of all the material would look different - parasols (against the sunlight) can be 100% cotton or linen (only fabric), so fabric-only looking ones are likely to be parasols, though there are different types.

Note though that there are dual-purpose ones. There are parasols that can *to some extent* withstand against rain. But those would be more expensive. There are other parasols that have light-shielding lining, but those would be again more expensive.

Umbrellas (against rain) can be cheap because it can be made of clear plastic, but please expect to pay more for parasols :) 1,050 yen sounds quite inexpensive/reasonable to me.
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