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Nikon cameras lens in Hokkaido 2010/7/24 11:11
I read that there are 3 main Electronics shops in Sapporo (near station)
- Yodobashi Cameraom
- Bic Camera
- Yamada Denki

Generally, are the prices of camera lens in the Sapporo outlets the same as in their Tokyo outlets? I'm thinking if I should make a stop in Tokyo to buy the camera parts, or just buy them from Sapporo if the price difference is not great. Any recommendation on which of the 3 shops usually give the best price/offer? Thanks!
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-- 2010/8/4 07:36
The prices will usually be the same as in Tokyo... or even cheaper!!
Just visit all of them and compare the price...
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hokkaido 2010/8/4 08:27
The prices at major outlets will typically be the same between branches. What may differ is what percentage of loyalty points you'll receive for the purchase.

You're probably better off purchasing new electronics in Tokyo though because there are a large number of electronics discounters selling in addition to the major outlets. Major outlets sell at MSRP, its the discounters that offer the really good deals.

You can do some comparison shopping at this site and find discount shops:

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nooo 2010/8/4 08:53
don't buy lenses at yodobashi, the prices are outrageous. go to some of the used camera shops. they will probably have new lenses if you really don't want to buy used. but buying camera lenses new is one of the worst consumer decisions you could possibly make, used lenses can be less than 1/2 the price.
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Have a look on www.amazon.co.jp 2010/8/4 09:39
Have a look on www.amazon.co.jp.

I have found that the lenses I've been interested in are much cheaper here and also for a few extra yen (if you want) plus depending on stock availability you may get same day delivery.

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used lenses 2010/8/4 10:03
buying camera lenses new is one of the worst consumer decisions you could possibly make

While I disagree with this as a blanket statement, it is true that you can save a lot of money purchasing used. But it depends a lot on the particular lens, the used vs. new price, and what your needs are is if it will be a good value to go this route. Do your homework first and purchase what is right for you.
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thanks for tips! 2010/8/10 11:13
Thanks all for the tips and inputs. Anyone can recommmend any good used camera shops in Sapporo?
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