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How to scan QR Codes 2010/7/27 09:08
I understand that to access the info in those little black and white mosaic boxes I see everywhere, I have to scan it using my mobile phone. Well I have a softbank prepaid phone. Do you think it would be capable of scanning? And if so, how in the world do I scan the box?!

by soaringshrimp (guest)  

qr codes 2010/7/27 09:12
Assuming it has a built in camera, there should be an application built into the phone that does the scanning. Just open the app and point it at the qr code. There should be some guidelines on the screen to help you line it up and it will probably automatically aquire and go to the webaddress.
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. 2010/7/27 14:39
It depends on your phone model not the service itself.

However if it is a web address you can't really browse the web (other then email) with softbank prepaid (at least my phone cannot).
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prepaid 2010/7/27 15:18
Whoops, I completely neglected that important part. Expresstrain is correct that softbank prepaids can't access the mobile web so a qr reader would be quite useless on them.
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