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Inappropriate Dressing in Japan? 2010/7/29 00:17
I am very used to wearing these in my country, and as I am very big size, these are also the most comfortable outfit for me. I will be going to Osaka/Kyoto in few weeks time, so I think it is fine since it is summer. However, 90% of people around me gave me a big ''WHAT?! You are wearing those to JAPAN??'', so I am asking this question here.

I seriously think that it is no big deal, to any part of the world, as long as I am not entering any fancy restaurants, or attending any solemn/professional events. I am there for holiday!

Am I right to think this way?
by Apple76  

? 2010/7/29 09:47
I am very used to wearing these in my country,

What is these?
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dress 2010/7/29 09:48
It depends, you didn't mention what it is that you'll be wearing. If, say, you're asking about shorts and t-shirts then you'll be fine. But if you're talking pink bunny suits, however, then you may want to rethink your clothing choice.
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? 2010/7/29 10:08
The main restriction I would say is gaping cleavage. A pink bunny suit would definitely be preferable :)
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. 2010/7/29 10:18
LOL so sorry!! Initially "Ts, bermudas and flipflop" was in the title but removed coz too long!

Thanks for replying anyway :p the dressing in question again is T-shirts, bermudas and flipflop, for a female. I am not bother by how well dressed or make up are the locals, but if it is inappropriate, I can try to wear covered shoes but due to my large feet, it's difficult to find a comfy one that I could wear for the whole day. Same for the top and bottom...
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. 2010/7/29 11:27

It would depend on the design, but Ts and bermudas sounds pretty normal for a girl. It would be nice if you can wear one of those "sports sandals" that looks a bit more "city-gear-ish" than flipflops. I hope you are also weaing bras, since you are "big."

But if you wear flipflops or no bras, you'll just look like some sloppy person who forgot to change on her way back from a beach, or a sloppy foreign traveller which you probably are.

Either way, no one will be offended by the way you dress. It's just you who can be offended by the way people may judge you.
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Thank you! 2010/7/29 11:36
Surely I will be wearing bra

My dressing will not be sloppy(IMO!) as my tops are not those oversize t shirts, just regular girlish jersey tops. I guess I am more concern about the flip flops coz even my hubby disagreed with that. I tried buying a few pairs of covered shoes but they just hurts as my feet are quite broad, so the final resort is to wear slippers, but nicer ones like Crocs(with good soles!). I am targeting to walk at least 10hrs each day, and covered sport shoes is too hot as I perspire a lot.

I guess I will just go ahead with it even if it calls for some roll eyes or stunned look from my friends. If locals wont be offended, I guess I shouldnt worry too much!

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... 2010/7/29 11:41
I would not be "offended" by the flipflops, but they would certainly make you look like you've come back from the beach and forgot to change - and they are not good for walking on asphalt roads either.

It would be nice, also for your own comfort, if you could find some comfortable sports/walking shoes that fit your feet, either covered or of Birkenstock type (not fully covered but look more proper as walking gear).
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Hi AK 2010/7/29 11:47
I wore Birks last year when I went to Tokyo and due to the hard material, my feet was tired and hurts at the end of day.
Covered shoes a bit not for me coz too hot. I have two pairs which I wear to work on Fridays but not sure whether due to ladies cut, the front part hurts after end of day, and I am not even walking much as stayed in office.
This Crocs flip flops are quite ok, their base is a bit cushion and I tried walking full day on it and the support seems quite ok.

Or probably I walked almost 10 to 12hrs everyday(abt a week), so any type of shoes probably will hurt?
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flip-flops are fine 2010/7/29 15:08
I wear flip-flops all through summer all over Tokyo, and I see plenty of Japanese women and men wearing them, although it's true that most do prefer more sturdy footwear.

The only issue with them is that when getting on/off crowded trains, people walk very close to each other and I often have the person behind me stand on the back of my flip-flop. I have found that if I take smaller steps until it gets less crowded, it's less likely to happen.
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try Naots 2010/7/29 15:23
Try Naot sandals. They are the best walking sandal ever, IMO, cork inner sole, otherwise all leather, great rubber sole. I've taken them for 3 Japan trips and done plenty of miles. My whole family have them now, you wear them all day and you still feel good, better than birkies. I noticed in the heat in Japan last year that after a big walk you get a lot of sweat in the sole (yuk) so they get a bit squelchy.
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. 2010/7/29 15:29
Hi Pious, I did a quick check online and don't think we have it from where I'm from :(

Hi Sira, Thank you for your good advice!
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...naot talk... 2010/7/29 15:54
Yeah, they are from Israel, though I'm an Ozzie. If you get the chance, grab them. I bought a pair for my wife 4 years ago, now she has about 6 [at around $170 a pair - ToT ]
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not inappropriate 2010/7/29 16:11
Shorts are fine. You are a tourist, it's summer, don't worry about it, especially when it's so hot and humid.

Walking shoes/comfortable sneakers are a must, though. Flip flops are fine to bring, but maybe for a stroll in the evening. We Japanese usually were things similar to flip flops when walking around our yards, or our balcony on an apartment, not so much for walking around on the street. But I would wear them to go buy something from the convenience store and then go home.

It's nice that you are worried about what local people will think. But just be comfortable, and Japanese women usually don't show too much...um...breast, at least over age 25 or so in the summer. Short sleeve shirts and polo shirts would be good.

Just today where I live I saw 2 Japanese women, definitely tourists, walking under umbrellas to shied themselves from the sun. Some other people thought it was really weird, since it's not done in the US, but it made me smile a little. They were not concerned about fitting in, as they wanted to be comfortable and not get burned/tanned, even though it's weird here to walk around with an umbrella when it is not raining. My point is just be comfortable, it will be very hot and humid, and think of your feet and all the walking.
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sorry 2010/7/29 16:12
oh, you are from singapore. then i am sure you are used to much more heat and humidity :-)
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. 2010/7/29 16:19
You are right, our heat is all year round, even when itfs raining! That is why I am so used to flip flops, but of coz not everyone in my country dressed like me lol.
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How about custom made? 2010/7/29 22:22

Crocs are fine and, as mentioned, commonly seen here in Japan, except that you should keep in mind that you are encouraged not to wear them on escalators. Accidents have occured due to the characteristics of those footwear.

Meanwhile, why not have shoes custom made once in a while? Ask for advise at your local shoe store. I also hope you are wearing thick socks when you walk a lot. Thick socks are a must to prevent your feet from hurting. They also absorb your sweat, eventually often keeping you comfortable than being in bare feet.
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. 2010/7/30 11:43
Uco, Yes I am aware of those incidents so I din let my kids wear cros, eventhough the kids designs are SO cute!

Have not thought abt custom making shoes because normally it's still ok for work or leisure, just that when travelling free and easy, we tend to walk long distance and hours, so regular shoes are just nto suitable.
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smartness 2010/7/30 13:36
My limited understanding of Japanese dress code is simply that you are expected to be moderately smart, ie, not scruffy.

Presumably your clothing is clean and in good condition. As long as your clothing isn't too revealing, you are unlikely to cause offence.
And, yes, consider shoes carefully, because you may do a lot of walking. If you're in Osaka in the summer, be prepared for a ferociously humid summer.
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fit in with the crowd 2010/7/30 14:04
I think Japan has more diverse fashions than most countries so to sum it up as not to scruffy or not too revealing is a bit misleading. I guess in Japan the most important thing is where you are, people are like sheep here so if you fit in with the crowd then anything goes. Check out Shonan area and most young people walk around half naked in the summer. Nobody would raise an eyelid at anyone wearing flip flops.
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