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Debit Card Usage 2010/7/31 02:38
Hello Everyone,
I was wondering what debit cards are common in Japan, mainly in Tokyo and Kyoto. For example, my debit card in a visa. Will it be easy /difficult to find an ATM that accepts visa debit cards?
I hope that wasn't to confusing.
Thank you
by R (guest)  

. 2010/7/31 17:46
The question asked is complicated.

Japanese do not use debit cards in the sense of western debit cards that are tied with visa/mastercard etc. Some newer banks have picked on it though.
If you wanted to use the debit card as a visa card then you can use it at places that accept credit cards.

If you wanted to use the debit card to withdrawal money from an ATM, you have to use an ATM that accepts international cards.

Those machines include: JAPAN POST (Post Office) ATMs and Citibank Japan ATMs.
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