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How to introduce myself? 2010/7/31 15:10
Hi. I'm going to spend 5 months in Japan on a high school exchange program. One thing that I'm worried about is how to introduce myself to my class and other new people. Both my names have Ls in them so I'm not sure how Japanese people will be able to say them. (Surprise, surprise my english name is Michael) Should I change my name slightly or something? Also my Japanese is terribad so if some one could tell some good introductory sentences to use it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
by Mike (guest)  

Don't worry 2010/8/1 01:57
Most Japanese ppl can pronounce you name fairly well, thanks to "Michael Jackson" ;).

Watashi wa Mike desu.(I'm Mike.)
America/Igirisu kara kimashita.(I'm from US/UK.)
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.(Nice to meet you.)

And speak about your hometown. That will be enough as the first introduction.
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"my co" 2010/8/1 12:11

They might pronounce your name something close to "my kell" thanks to Michael Jackson :) The Japanese read "Michael" differently just as the Italians read it differently from the English.

If you don't like it, you can suggest them to pronounce it like "my co." There is a Japanese celebrity named Michael Tomioka who successfully did it. If that doesn't happen to work, you can deal with "Mike" which should work pretty well thanks to a lot of famous Mikes as well as the term we use for "microphone."

Hope you have fun here in Japan!
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