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Where can I find cornflour in Japan? 2010/8/1 13:21
I was thinking of baking some tarts for my guests and just realized that I have no idea what cornflour is called in Japan or what it looks like in the supermarket.
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cornstarch 2010/8/2 09:21
I believe you're looking for corn starch as its called in the US.


You can buy it at your local supermarket or the occasional convenience store. Its コンスターチ in katakana and it usually comes in white paper packages. Alternatively, you may be able to use Katakuriko (片栗粉), these days a type of potato starch, that is sold in similar packages as cornstarch. It looks like this:

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Something like this? 2010/8/2 15:34

If you mean corn flour, the non-starchy yellow flour made from dried corn, they are available either (A) at some supermarkets at the baking material section or (B) at supermarkets such as National Azabu that specialize in imported products or (C) major department store basements.

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