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Age to wear Furisode 2010/8/2 16:28
Furisode are worn by young, unmarried women, so when does that "young" part run out? Women in their thirties who are still single wouldn't wear furisode, would they?
by Kel (guest)  

Furisode 2010/8/3 05:12
Probably not warn much after the coming of age
celebration when they are 20. Maybe for their wedding,
or New Years eve celebration for a few years after that.
Not warn after marriage.
See these links;

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Early 30s? 2010/8/3 11:35

Originally, furisode was to be worn by females 13 to 24. But nowadays, since the first furisode for most girls is the one they get tailored for Age 20 Day, commonly they are accepted probably up to 35 or so as long as the design is not to flashy.

I suppose you can also make it look modest by the way you tie your obi and the way you do your hair. You can also have a furisode re-tailored to have the sleaves shorter.
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