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Buying glasses and contact lenses 2010/8/3 21:29
I would like to get others' experiences with buying new glasses and contact lenses in Japan.

I have looked at places to buy glasses from big department stores (Isetan & Takashimaya) and BIC camera to the Megane store. I was wondering if they were all the same or if one was better than the other.

I am near sighted and need to have progressing lenses for reading.

I have no clue where to by gas permeable contact lenses. Let alone where to get fitted for them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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... 2010/8/5 22:21
"Megane store" (Megane ichiba?) and other eyeglass shops that offer 3,000, 5,000, 7,000 yen kind of prices for a set is OK for people who are only slightly near-sighted, and need inexpensive eyeglasses quickly. If you need anything more complicated, like a bifocal, or progressive lens, you might end up paying a lot even at those places anyway. A friend of mine who is very near-sighted once went to one of those shops, and were told that they would have to order special lens for her, that it would take time and oh they have to ask for price quotes (to be replied at a later date), but anyway it would be expensive.

I tend to go to eyeglass shops/boutiques located inside department stores - they are well equipped, have good service, and have a range of frames and lenses - though the price is higher to begin with. You could go for a check-up, and see what kind of price of lens they have for that.

I have not tried Bic Camera, so I can't say anything about that.

For contact lens, find "Eye City" in town - they are all over - they have an eye doctor that they are affiliated with, so that you go to "Eye City" shop and tell them what you want, then they send you to the affiliated eye doctor nearby, who will give you prescription, and you can try those there. "Gas permeable lens," or "oxygen permeable lens" lens is "sanso toukasei renzu," though most nowadays are of this type.
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