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Elevator chime 2010/8/4 22:39
Anyone know where I can obtain a sound file (wav / mp3) when a lift in japan arrives at the desired floor?

I came across a Youtube clip which has the exact sound.

See - around 0.35 onwards:

I think its pretty common in Japan.

Hope to use this as a cool ringtone! Thanks in advance...
by peeleep (guest)  

train station? 2010/8/7 04:32
i could find this only
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collection of Japan sounds? 2010/8/7 17:55
During my travels to Japan i noticed that Japan has quite a number of typical destictive more-or-less standardized Japanese sounds. Like the elevator but also train crossings, pedestrian crossing, attention call on stations and so on. I tried to record some of them but because all the backgrond noise this did not realy work out.
Does anybody know if there is a site that collect these typical Japanese sounds?
B. Slager
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