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Electronic items 2010/8/7 02:59
there are electronic gadgets/items such as camera is more cheaper in Japan compare to another country?
example like sony/canon camera??

by miyoma  

see ebay or rakuten 2010/8/8 00:51
some japanese sell them on ebay. and you can see them at rakuten too.

sorry, i do not know your local prices.
'cause these days JPY is very higher vs USD, the prices might be expensive.
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thanks 2010/8/8 03:15
thanks you very much..
know japanese yen is so high.
make my life miserable..huhu
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Where? 2010/8/9 11:48
You didn't say where you are from.

Generally, that sort of stuff (like Sony & Canon cameras) are cheaper in the US than in Japan.

However, they are usually cheaper in Japan than they are in Europe, Australia, etc.

By th way, if you buy a Sony digital camera in Japan, it will be Japanese menu only. The same applies to Panasonic.
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