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Gift from Japan for a girl 2010/8/7 10:27
When I travel to Tokyo I would like to buy a gift to bring back to a girl. She is not my girlfriend she is a pen pal and I would like to find something nice to bring her. Some small token of friendship and affection. I would appreciate very much any suggestions. Buying the right gift for a girl is so difficult! Any ladies can advise me? I know she doesn't wear much jewelry so that's out.
by Gio1  

. 2010/8/7 18:44

You need to tell us her age range and the country she lives in and the country where she is from. It might also help if you tell us what country you are from, too.
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. 2010/8/7 20:51
She's Thai age 30 living in Thailand. I'm from Canada. I'd like to bring her something nice that may be unique to Japan. Some item of clothing or toiletry might be good but a kimono would be a bit much I think. Maybe some small unique little gift that's presented real nicely as I've seen Japanese things packaged is what I'm thinking.
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. 2010/8/7 20:58
Also suggestions for the best specific area or shop in Tokyo to look for these types of gifts would be welcomed. Thanks for any tips.
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Humm 2010/8/8 08:29

My first suggestions is to bring her something from Canada. The fact that you selected something and carried it with you all the way is a nice way of saying you appreciate someone.

If she is your penpal and you have written her as often as I write some of mine, you should follow your instinct and get her something that matches what you know about her.

You can stop at shops almost anywhere in Japan. You can try Tokyu-Hands in Shibuya or Higashi Ikebukuro, or go to Don Quijote (Shinjuku) for cool nic-naks and things.

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suggestions 2010/8/8 13:32

Hi again. I think it's sweet to send souveniors from places you travel to and I have a feeling that you're aimed more towards department store merchandize rather than the Don Quijote discount-store type.

Go to any department store in Tokyo. You can ask for store recommendations at your hotel concierge. At the store, look around. Ask clerks for recoomendation.

There are sections that specialize in Japanese cultural products such as Japanese dining-ware on the kitchen-ware floors or Japanese ornaments on the kimono floors.

Things like pretty coasters or potery might be nice. Seeing it the other way around, I being a 40s Japanese, me and my female Japanese friends always appreciated diningware from Asian countries ever since we were in our late 20s.

At kimono ornament shops, you may find products made from "chirimen" cloth which are very pretty as well as paper-made items that come in various Japanese designs. "Tenugui" and "furoshiki" are also traditional items that are again becoming popular among locals, both men and women, and they will make good souveniors since they are just pieces of cloth; portable and light. Ask for instructions on the various ways you can use them.

Keep in mind, however, that "urushi (Japan)" items are very delicate and can be difficult to maintain its quality. Anything except jewery and cosmetics are safe items to send to a opposite-gender friend who is not in a romantic relationship with you.

Have fun shopping!
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. 2010/8/8 21:07
Thanks tenshinyc and Uco. I was thinking of bringing something from Canada but since I'm going to Japan I was gonna bring something from there too. The paper items are things I had in mind too, like some origami type of thing. I remember those I saw in the past were so nicely presented and packaged. Nice for gifts.
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Japanese Silk 2010/8/8 21:23
The kimono related items sound like the best idea. Japanese silk items. I think she would like that. Thanks for the tips.
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TheEreperez 2010/8/9 20:08
You can give her dress related to her choice but first you tell where she lives?
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. 2010/8/10 02:35
Adding to Uco's suggestion..., how about 扇子 (sensu), a folding fan? I like to shop at "wasou komono" stores where they have many beautiful, traditional Japanese things in a better quality than in some of those at souvenir stores.
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Folding fan 2010/8/10 20:57
Thanks Ikuyo. That's a good idea.
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Food 2010/8/13 11:36
Food would be good too!!

Maybe a small box of daifuku (my favourite is the chocolate strawberry flavour - it is quite cheap - ranging from small box of 300 yen to bigger boxes of 1500/1500yen. Rather than something very expensive - maybe a combination of paper fan and daifuku (japanese traditional sweet)?
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Sweets 2010/8/13 12:12
Sounds good mk88. Thanks.
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sounds perfect :) 2010/8/15 08:14
Daifuku and a folding fan sound perfect for a Thai lady :) Thai are much more familiar with Japan than the average American or Canadian and are also likely to like anko.
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Just curious 2010/8/15 17:11
Sorry, I don't mean to ruin the party, but how do you send daifuku overseas? Is it preservable?
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sweets 2010/8/16 16:33
I thought you could get daifuku that is designed for keeping a long time, like you can get vacuum packed anko. No?

If not, take a wander in the basement of a dept. store. You'll find plenty of sweets that will last long enough to send.
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