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How to get a Japanese Passport 2010/8/8 07:05
My mother is Japanese. She has been in the US for 53 years; however, she did not apply to become a US citizen (She is over 70 yrs old). We want to visit Japan, but she no longer has a passport and does not know where it is. What do we need to do in order to visit outside the US? Please help!! I really want her to be able to travel back to her homeland.
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Japanese passport 2010/8/9 09:20

Call or visit your nearest Japanese embassy.
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.... 2010/8/10 05:22
If you are closer to Atlanta, here is the webpage for the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta.

...and the address and phone number.

3500 Lenox Road #1600
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 240-4300
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Proof of her Japan birth 2010/8/11 01:35
Will you agree that your mother's original passport had expired many years ago, and her passport record no longer exist in Japan? Don't have your mother go to the Japan Consulate... Japan Consulate will simply ask her for the kosekitohon (proof that she was born in Japan)... Same requirement is asked of ud when we apply for the U.S. passport.

What the Japan Consulate want: (1) kosekitohon (the original copy of birth certificate issued by the birth city), (2) valid photo i.d. card, (3)application for the passport in Japanese (application available at the Consulate), (4) 2 passport size photos, and (5) the passport fee about $160.00; (6)if not an emergency need, will take about 30 days for passport delivery.

Is your mother's next to kin still alive in Japan. They can get the kosekitohon for her. If not, you can email me. I will email you the application form. Check your Inbox for my email address.
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