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Paying Family Members for Stay in Home 2010/8/9 08:02
Is it customary to pay monies to relatives who live in Japan for staying with them during your visit? If so, how much?
by Barbara St.Germain (guest)  

... 2010/8/9 10:18
So you have Japanese relatives in Japan, and you are visiting Japan and staying with them for a few days or so? Money would look and feel too "blunt," so some gifts from where you are would be more appropriate.
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Alternatives 2010/8/9 12:04
I think it depends. Especially if you're staying for more than a few weeks, some people might put some cash in an envelope (it's not polite to hand cash bare, unless it's a casual occasion) and gesture to give it to the host. And then there is the "Oh no, I can't let you do this.""No, no, please, I insist." thing that will last for several minutes until one gives up.

But I would say that most people try to appreciate the hospitality by means other than cash. For example, you can insist on buying meals or shopping groceries on your expense. You should certainly insist on helping the kitchen or on other household work.

The idea is to appreciate the hospitality and to try to decrease the burden of the house. You don't necessarily have to hand out cash for that.
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guest 2010/8/10 17:41
You could also invite your hosts to a nice restaurant....this is done in many cultures and usually appreciated by the cook in the host family..
Definitely make up your bed, keep your room tidy, clean after you in the bathroom...do your own laundry ..

The first morning, after I has spent the night in the home of a Japanese friend, the lady of the house folded the futon I slept on and stored it. The second morning I asked her if it was OK for me to fold it when I was about to go out for the day and she was happy that I volunteered.
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