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Email can't be delivered 2010/8/9 21:44
I'm a Singaporean.

I replied 2 emails which received from 2 Japanese but all the emails that sent bounced. The given email address is xxxx ato
As @ and underscore were not clearly written, i sent and, but both bounced back. Beside the email address could be no longer in use, is there any other reason whu it can't be delivered?

I also received another email from Japan whereby he use the star symbol position before yahoo and note that the star symbol = at. So i assumed at = @. I'm curious, is it because the Japanese keyboard unable to enter @ ?

Hope someone can help. Thank you.
by wang99  

@o@ 2010/8/10 10:19
No, the Japanese keyboard has an @ key. These people were probably just trying to obfuscate their email addresses to try to prevent spambots from finding them. Try replacing ato with @ (ato=at=@) and drop the spaces and it should work.
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bounced 2010/8/10 22:45
Hi @0@

Thank you for the response.
I've replaced ato with @ and still bounced back. Sigh..

It's ok. Thanks.
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email 2010/8/10 23:44
So you wrote the address as and it still bounced?
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bounced 2010/8/11 01:26
Ya. I even registered a email address and still bounced. Looks like i need to give up already. Maybe the address no longer in use.
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