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Where to exchange bills for coins. 2010/8/10 06:57
I'm going to be in Japan next week for an event that I'm selling at. A friend of mine told me I'll need to get a lot of 100en and 500en coins because most people will be paying with 1,000en notes.

My questions is where can I convert roughly 10,000en into 100 and 500en coins?

My experience from most currency exchange places is that they don't keep much in the way of coins, and I don't think any of them will want to dole that many out to me. Though I do plan on trying at Narita.

Will locals banks be willing to do this for me even if I don't have an account there. Or any other place I could do this at besides trying to hit up Lawsons and AM-PM?
by NYCBunny (guest)  

... 2010/8/10 12:38
I think convenience stores tend to refuse - because they need to stock up on small change themselves. You'll have better luck at local banks, though some might charge a fee if you don't have an account there. Just be sure to get there before 3pm when the counters close :)
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I maybe know know ;-) 2010/8/11 04:01
I did that in arcade rooms ^^
there is a machine for that, usually next of the brew machine.
but only with 1000 yen to 10x100 yen.
I'm unsure if it's possible or not with higher cash paper.
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ryougae 2010/8/11 07:59
A lot of banks have machines (near the ATMs) that will exchange coins for notes- the sign you will see on them is "両替" (ryougae). This would be by far the easiest way I would think.

You will find that most convenience stores have small signs in English next to the tills saying "no exchange"- this actually means they don't want to break up notes for people, although none of the people who work in these stores seem to realise that "no exchange" could have other meanings in English and it's not very clear what they're saying!
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Rail Ticket Machines 2010/8/11 12:55
At one point during my trip in Kyoto, I ran out of change trying to buy a 200 yen subway ticket. I ended up breaking a 10,000 yen note (and buy the ticket) at a ticket machine...and it works.
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definitely the arcade 2010/8/14 03:05
I have to agree with Marsu. Go to one of the hundreds of Arcades. Go in change a few 1000 in the machine and walk out like nothing happened.
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