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''FROM HAND'' makeup school 2010/8/11 00:47
I was trying to find a link or means of contact for ''FROM HAND'' makeup school in Shibuya however i dont know if it still exists. Its director used to be Teroku Kobayashi. If anyone knows whether it still exists please reply and if you have a contact number/e-mail i would be very grateful

Ohenji omachi shite orimasu

Arigato Gozaimasu

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I love Google 2010/8/11 11:25

The school's website is the first one that comes up if you type "From Hand" into Google...
Contact information (phone/fax/email) is at the bottom of the "Contact" page, although I suspect you might get a faster reply if you use the contact form on that page.
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This seems to be it 2010/8/11 12:03

Her profile appears here, and FROM HAND is mentioned:

The address (in Japanese) is all the way at the bottom of the page, and if you hit the last link (in white font) お問合せ, an online inquiry/contact form opens.
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