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Daisetsuzan: Cooking using portable fuel 2010/8/11 01:25
Hi there,

I'm flying in to Sapporo and like to hike in Daisetsuzan National Park over the next few days.

I plan to cook during the hike but can't find any info on portable stoves / fuel.

Is it easy to buy a camping stove and accompanying fuel supply in Sapporo? Do convenient stores stock these?

I've no luck finding on finding answers so far. If anyone can point me to outdoor stores in Sapporo that stocks these, it'll be a great help!
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portable fuel 2010/8/11 11:23
Convenience stores carry butane canisters but its the kind that is used is stoves more suited to car camping than hiking. Here's an example of the fuel that they carry:

If you are looking for hiking stoves you can find them and the related fuel (usually a butane/propane mixture) at sports stores like Sports Depot. They have outlets in Sapporo:


Maybe someone more familiar with the area can recommend other shops too.
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... 2010/8/11 11:31
Since it's a national park, there are only certain designated camping grounds - on the internet I have not been able to find any detailed map/info. about where those are, and what is allowed. You might want to look into this in advance.
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