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Combined Docomo/Mopera phone&pc pack? 2010/8/13 09:34

I'm looking for people who have tried this or know of a way to ask the sales folk at Docomo about it. I'm not very good at Japanese and my last three attepts left them totally confused. The last guy got my idea but looked at me like I was crazy for suggesting it.

At the moment I'm with NTT東日本 for my home internet which costs me 4,600yen a month for the internet and 1,500yen a month for a phone line. I don't have the cheaper "Hikari" line in my area sadly. So, I'm paying 6,100yen a month just for my internet.

I also have an NTT Docomo mobile on the packi-houdai packet and that's around 4,500yen a month (I've paid off the cost of my phone).

So, I was just in the Docomo shop the other day and I noticed their new "ドコモ for PC" offer. It's a wireless USB devive that you can attach to your PC and you'll get internet through the Mopera service provider (as far as I know this is just Docomo and you can't get it without them). Just noe it costs around 4,400yen a month (plus an additional 525yen a month for MoperaU packet). So that's 5,125yen a month for internet.

But if you buy a new smartphone, along with other monthly fees, you must sign up for the Mopera internet provider to get all the cool internet stuff on your phone. And just now they a a google phone for 10,000yen and the Xperia for around 40,000yen. I got a seperate quote the other day for a new smartphone for a paki-hoodai double and full mopera internet service with the additional imode use charge for around 8,000yen a month.

So 8,000yen a month is cheaper than what I'm paying now at 10,600yen.

The first guy I asked said that I would need to pay for two Mopera internet accounts, so my phone plus home internet would be 13,125 yen a month. I couldn't join my phone and home internet service.

I went on to the next Docomo shop and asked another person. They all looked confused at this idea and had a conference with all the workers there. He then said that I could do that but if I wanted to use my home internet, I would have to turn off my phone, take out the Docomo SIM card and put it in the USB Internet box (Sorry, don't know the right name). But Docomo wouldn't give me a duplicate SIM card.

It can't be just me who wants to save some money can it? Docomo are now offering pc and wireless internet to their customers and they didn't ponder that their customers, who are currently paying for internet to their phone would want to combine the two and save money.

Can anyone please help me to explain the the folk in the Docomo shop that I want to join their home internet service as long as I can use the same internet service account on my phone? And I am even willing to buy one of their new top level phones just because it will be cheaper for me in the long run.

Has anyone been successful with doing this? Please tell me how you went about doing it?

Thanks for any help.

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mopera 2010/8/13 13:47
AFAIK, mopera is just the service provider for Internet, the connection fee is separate. A better option, IMO, would be Itscom, if you can get it in your area. Both connection (fiber optic) and service provider are included. Monthly fee is 2700 yen for up to 8 Mps. If you get a wireless router and your keitai has wifi, then you could use it together, but this would only be for home use.

If you just want Internet for your keitai, try looking into HotSpot. Do a google on it.
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