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Sony Walkman NW-S746 2010/8/13 10:49
I bought this MP3 player in Japan and I don't know how to transfer playlists from Windows Media Player 12.

I cannot install the Japanese software since I'm using an English version of Windows7.

There is no folder for playlists.

The only reason I bought this is because I liked how simple it is to transfer files without the use of software.

I have already sent an e-mail to Sony Japan and did some searching. The manual does say anything about how to transfer playlists from WMP.
by Joe (guest)  

Playlist not available 2010/10/3 06:26
One possible option you can take will be using drag and drop on the Windows explorer.
Connecting your walkman to a usb port, you'll find a "Music" folder, and then copy your mp3 files into it.

Unfortunately, WMP playlists are not supported, at least for Japanese models.
It says "プレイリストの転送はできません"
meaning, "you cannot transfer playlists"

So you'll have to edit the filenames of your audio files.
Good luck!
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sony software 2010/10/4 11:51
I purchased a Japanese walkman and found the necessary software on the Sony UK page (the sony US page didn't have them for dl at the time). The lastest version of Sonic stage or their other sony media manager programs should work for your model, they're not model specific as far as my experience. You can find them here:
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