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Sumo and baseball 2010/8/15 06:04
Hey guys, im going to japan in late sept thru to oct and will be in Tokyo for 3 days from the 30th of sept to the 3rd of oct and was just wondering if any sumo or baseball matches will be on?

i've tried scouring the forum for information and cant seem to find anything so im calling upon you wise folk once again.

Any help would be amazing

by Beaumont  

sumo/baseball 2010/8/17 10:16
Sorry, you just miss the September Sumo Basho (Sept 12-24), and the regular baseball season ends September 30th. Your trip sits right in the lull between the regular season and the playoffs, so unfortunately baseball is out too.
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c'est la vie 2010/8/18 01:26
c'est la vie, another trip i guess. will visit the Ryōgoku Kokugikan if there much to see?

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ryogoku 2010/8/18 09:36
I'm not sure there is much to see at the stadium if there isn't a tournament going on, but the Edo Museum behind the stadium is excellent. There's also a bunch of Chankonabe restaurants around to check out. Some are owned by ex wrestlers.
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