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Australia mobile phone question 2010/8/15 10:18
Hi. I have a Nokia 6220 phone on the 3 network here in Australia. It is unlocked and I do have international roaming. I have used it extensively in other parts of Asia for SMS mainly. I will be in Japan in 10 days time and am wondering if it will work there. I have checked the archives but most of the questions/responses are old. If my phone won't work can I buy a Japanese prepaid sim card like I do in other countries. Thanks :D
by kimley  

yes and no 2010/8/16 11:38
LONG story short,no you cant buy prepaid.

good answer is YES your phone will work here as long as its a 3g phone. so dont worry, your phone will work here.
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Nokia 6220 2010/8/16 12:52
Yes, according to your carrier, your Nokia 6220 can be used in Japan, and since it is unlocked you can use it with a prepaid sim card. What the previous posted didn't mention is that while you can't purchase a standalone prepaid sim, you can buy a softbank prepaid phone and use that sim in your phone. They cost about 5000 yen for the handset (with sim) and 3000 yen for calling credit.

A better option, however would be to rent a sim card instead. They're about 200 yen/day and the calling/sms rates are similar to prepaid rates, so over 10 days it should be cheaper. You could also get a rental phone which costs approximately the same as a rental sim. The difference is that you wouldn't use your own handset.
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Thanks everyone 2010/8/16 16:29
I will take my phone and see what happens. As long as I can SMS. I can also use Skype for home. Cheers
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skype 2010/8/16 17:25
SMS should be no problem. The international rates are kind of high, but I believe they are comparable to sms while roaming internationally on your current Australian plan. Btw, are you taking a separate laptop for skype? If not, I read that the Nokia 6220 doesn't have wifi built in which case skype will be incredibly expensive via the cell network. Its around 2500 yen/mb for data over a rental sim.
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Laptop 2010/8/16 17:30
Yes I'll take my laptop with me for Skype. Don't really want to be too contactable only for emergencies. Thanks
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skype 2010/8/16 17:48
Great, looks like your all set then! What did you decide on for phone service?
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2100mhz 2010/8/18 16:25
check your phone has 2100mhz band: if it doesnt it wont work, International roaming, 3G, unlocked or not.
The 2100 is THE most important thing.
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Nokia 6220 2010/8/18 17:39
I checked earlier, and it operates on the HSDPA/WCDMA 900/2100mhz bands so you should be fine as far as that goes.

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Thanks 2010/8/18 17:54
I love the way posters are answering the questions. Will let everyone know how it worked.
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