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gift wrapping for non-store bought items 2010/8/15 10:58
I am bringing some gift from the US to a friend in Japan. Since it will be packed into my cramped luggage, i will not be gift wrapping it before leaving the states. However, I know that gift presentation is very important in Japanese culture. Is there anywhere that will wrap the gift for me for a fee? Thanks!
by var (guest)  

. 2010/8/16 02:18
I am sorry, I am not suggesting a gift wrapping store, but perhaps you could use a cute fabric sack or a bandana and a ribbon to wrap your gift. I think it will make your unique gift even more unique.
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My opinion... 2010/8/16 08:00

You can find proper wrapping paper in some book stores. If you have many small gifts to give, you can also find packages containing cute plastic gift bags (this would be more appropriate for informal gifts, I think).

You can also find wrapping paper and gift bags in 100 yen shops. They don't look as nice, though.

But I would suggest you to bring your own gift bags and tissue paper. Find a safe spot in your luggage or use a shoe box to protect them and some other fragile items you need to bring. If your gifts are from abroad, I don't think the recipients will expect Japanese style wrapping. Just be sure it is nicely wrapped...and it will be perfectly appropriate.
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