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studying overseas with tattoos 2010/8/20 18:22
i'm 17, male, singaporean. going to tokyo university for studies next year.
i love body art & tattoos & piercings.
i'm heavily tattooed, with yakuza style tattoos all over my body. eg. calf arms chest ribs and back and neck. i'm a peace loving guy and was afraid that i would get into trouble with japanese yakuza or gangsters. can anyone tell me if i would be shunned? or aimed by police? or anything like that in japan?

all advice about tattoos would be gladly accepted! thanks!
by tristangoh  

.. 2010/8/21 08:29
You probably will not be a popular man among Japanese girls from good (high social status) family.
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awww 2010/8/21 13:06
haha, thats alright i guess. :) just wanna go there and study and have fun. not planning on any relationships. thanks!
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haha 2010/8/22 07:21
you'd prolly scare the hell outta me though :P
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awww... 2010/8/22 14:43
but i'm a very friendly guy. :) and i love to learn about japanese culture and art.
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Yakuzazz 2010/8/23 02:26
may not understand you sir :)
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body art 2010/8/23 05:23
Unless you walk around 1/2 naked who is going to know that you have tats? cover up and you will be fine..
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problem with boring day to day stuff 2010/8/23 17:52
I don't think you would get into trouble with yakuza and gangsters unless you were looking for trouble. More likely you would have problem with boring day to day stuff like renting a house, using an onsen, getting a credit card etc etc (Japan has a lot of discrimination that is hard to understand). Some younger Japanese are a bit more open minded and will not make assumptions about your character based on your tattoos or piercings, you may even find some like minded enthusiasts around Harajuku or elsewhere around Tokyo. I hope you will be made to feel welcome.
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thanks everyone 2010/8/23 22:13
thanks for all your help! :)
@red frog my tattoo is on my neck. i dont think its possible to cover up unless i wear a scarf all the time.
@gilesdesign thanks for all your ideas and advice, greatly appreciated.
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