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Where in Tokyo Godzilla & Mothra tshirts? 2010/8/22 17:39
plus Sailor Moon/Scout outfit
& Cutie Honey outfits !!! HELP

Hello, I am taking a couple of friends to Japan and they have these 2 t shirts and 2 outfits on their must buy lists.
I dont want waste anytime looking for these if I can possibly help it (just the thought of doing this makes me shudder..lol)
Of course Harajuku is a must go on a sunday and Ive been there a few times before. Wondering if anyone can pinpoint an exact shop so I can beeline straight for it.. or elsewhere in Tokyo? We are staying in Ueno.
thanks for any help to save me ''wasting Tokyo time''
by Gazle (guest)  

internet? 2010/8/27 02:09
why don't you just google for the outfits, seems much easier to just use a search engine and buy online.
unless you want to be able to say " I bought these in Japan" you should just look online. Probably save some cash too.
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thanks 2010/8/27 15:13
Thanks for the response. I actually agree 100% and it is my same sentiment exactly. Im actually taking a friend and so put the question up to save me the agony of looking with her. I started with googling myself and a zillion onliners come up.. seems so much easier..lol.
thanks anyway for your time
If anyone else knows where the tshirts can be brought in Tokyo Id appreciate the info
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