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made in japan - taboo as gift? 2010/8/25 03:49
I live in the US and will be visiting a friend at her family's home in Japan. I had purchased a set of crystal candleholders, intending to present it as a present for the household. However, when I was wrapping the gift, I realized that the item, by Mikasa, is "made in Japan". Is it a bad idea to present a Japanese household with a Japan made item when I am from the US? Thanks.
by var (guest)  

. 2010/8/25 11:00
There might be personal preferences, but I think it is okay. Perhaps you could add a couple of candles that are made in USA to go with it?
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. 2010/8/25 15:37
I don't think it's a "bad" idea, but some people might think, "Why these?" So you might want to mention that you chose them because you thought they were lovely or because candle holders are commonly used in the U.S. or something, and you can add that you later realized they were made in Japan but that you still thought they were lovely.

In the era of the internet where you can get almost anything from any country, I don't think it really matters much to find something locally made. But I think the Ikuyo Kuroyo san's candles idea is nice, too.
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