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Gift to bring my Japanese mother in-law 2010/8/25 05:52
This is the first time Im meeting my japanese mother in-law and Im not sure what to give her. My wifes father passed away a few years ago. Im 32 and my wife is 31. Any ideas?
by tsxguy77  

hmmm...... 2010/8/25 14:29
You better check with your wife and get some ideas. That is the safest bet. I always get ideas from my GF on gifts for her mother. (everytime I visit) Just make sure you take something! :) Wish I could help you a little more, but every woman is different. Just get some ideas on what she likes, and what she likes to do. If your wife says don't worry about it.......NO, get her something. Kind of better to get something that she can't get or some more difficult to get in Japan.(or exspensive here) She will appreicate it. (My GF's mom plays golf, so I take her golfballs & other misc. stuff sometimes)
good luck brother..
by Daz88 rate this post as useful

Tests 2010/8/26 00:16
My wife said she doesnt want to help. she wants me to think of something. Women and there dumb tests. I got her flowers for this past mothers day and sent them to her, so I dont want to do that. Maybe Ill get something from the Amish people. Im not too far from Lancaster, PA
by tsxguy77 rate this post as useful

What about jewelery? 2010/8/26 09:24

If you wife does not want to help you (I really wonder why she would do that by the way), try to figure what kind of woman she is... if you have never met her, ask to see a picture. I'd say jewelery is always on the safe side. Try to choose something classic, such as pearls. Also, designer accessories (handkerchief, wallet etc.) are usually appreciated in Japan.

But really, I think your wife should be more considerate and willing to help you, as probably both of you want to make a good impression, no?
by Lizzy (guest) rate this post as useful

play her at her own game 2010/8/26 13:27
If she is being mean by not helping you then just start a conversation with your wife about her mother. What are her hobbies?, What are her favourite colors? You do not need to even mention the present.
Your wife will be helping you find ideas without you needing to even ask her directly. If your wife insists then just play her at her own game.
by gilesdesign (guest) rate this post as useful

Winning a Mother-in-Law Over 2010/8/26 15:42
My wife was the same. First time meeting my mother/father in law she told me I definitly needed to bring something. What exactly? She herself didn't have a clue, and wanted me to think of something unique and fun that represents either myself, my city, my state or the U.S. in general. Pretty broad rang eh?:-P

Anyways first time meeting I ended up settling on the one thing I could think of that would not backfire...Chocolate! ha ha. I have a local chocolate store where they make everything by hand the old fashined way. Bough a small box the day before I left and praid they would not melt going on the plane (thank god they didn't) and she couldn't be happier. Don't expect a big reaction from her though. She will bow, say arigato and put them away. Usually eating them/opening them right in front of you won't happen and she may wait of a few days before eating them but that's fine. A show of respect for the gift I suppose. After meeting her I found she really likes crafty things and little kitchen items like hand towels in the shape of dresses or..Oh I almost forgot. She loves anything from Bath and Body works. Like body butter or hand cream. The strong sent and releving stress from a hard days work was a big winner for her on my second visit.

To be honest though I am on my fourth visit and running on empty so I might just go with chocolate again ha ha.

Hope I helped and good luck!

by Dave (guest) rate this post as useful

Tests 2010/9/3 23:11
:: Women and their dumb tests.

hahaha!!! I have exactly the same problem.

Chocolate is always a safe choice, like Dave said. I sometimes bring little stuffed animals, since I know she likes those.

I finally found something my *father*-in-law seemed to like, which was a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt.

A desktop photo calendar of tropical islands seemed to go over well with my sister-in-law ... the kind where you tear off each day.

Like the others said, bring things that you can't find in Japan. The Amish idea might work, but only if they have a use for the stuff. Hershey is also in PA. :-)
by Shimada Jiei rate this post as useful

Mom-in-law 2010/9/11 08:37
Consider a nice scarf/stole or lovely gloves that a lady can wear and not look like she is going skiing.

Nice handkerchiefs can go over well. Remember that Japanese generally carry these since not all restrooms have towels. Functional but pretty is the key.

Just a few ideas.

by tenshinyc rate this post as useful

Father in Law 2010/11/1 18:33
does your father in law like smoking or any hobby ?
by Brian (guest) rate this post as useful

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