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Tokyo - New York / London comparison 2010/8/25 20:49
Anyone with a knowledge of both Tokyo and New York or London could give an idea of which areas of Tokyo would be the equivalent of which areas of NY (or London). This would help me to understand the different neighborhoods of Tokyo.

For instance something like:

Ginza - Midtown (?)
Shinbashi - Chelsea (?)

The areas I'd like to visit would be the Tokyo equivalent of:

East village
Upper East Side
well.. everywhere pretty much :D

Thanks for any info.
by Gio1  

Possible? 2010/8/25 21:27
I don't know if it's possible....
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... 2010/8/25 22:28
I agree with the person who posted before me...I have been to both cities and honestly, Tokyo is completely different than London or Berlin or New York, or any other city I can think of in the west.
I think the closest anyone could come to answering your question is to just give you descriptions of the different areas of Tokyo, but in my mind they cant be compared to London or NY.

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Tokyo-NY-London 2010/8/25 23:33
After reading through this you may be able to make your own comparisons:


I agree with the other posters that it would be hard to equate areas of NY and London to Tokyo but one could say that Shinjuku is like Midtown but on a larger scale. Or that Harajuku is like SOHO or the East Village. Or Ginza like Piccadilly. It is the cultural differences and and juxtaposition of really old and really new that make Tokyo so different.
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... 2010/8/26 00:25
I've lived in both for several years each and the only direct comparison I'd feel comfortable making between Tokyo and NY is that they are both densely populated.

I'm sure you can stretch comparisons between neighborhoods in both cities but NY neighborhoods are highly defined by their residents and the cultural aspects that have taken hold in each particular area.

Tokyo neighborhoods are more defined by the businesses, which on a secondary level import a certain culture into each area.

This is even more true because compared to NY neighborhoods, relatively few people live in popular Tokyo neighborhoods like Ginza, Shibuya, or Harajuku.
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Thanks 2010/8/26 08:56
Thanks all. That link looks like it will get me a good start.
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